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  NSHR Committee Repopulation Information 2020
  Posted: Sunday, September 20, 2020
  September 18, 2020

The National Show Horse Registry (NSHR) a United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) affiliate breed committee repopulation information.
Our USEF committee will consist of seven (7) members to serve for two (2) years starting 3/1/2021.
The NSHR will appoint 4 members (60%) of our committee.
One member of our committee must be considered an athlete.
The criteria for being considered an athlete is that you must have won a Top Ten award at NSH Finals within the last ten years.
USEF will appoint 3 members (40%) of our committee.
USEF is likely to follow our recommendations regarding these appointments.
USEF has encouraged the NSHR to recommend younger members for committee participation.
Meetings take place by conference call approximately four times (4) per year. A minimum of fifty percent (50%) attendance required.
If you are a USEF and NSHR member and interested in serving please contact:
Executive Director of the NSHR Cindy Clinton (
Chairman of the BOD David Mikosz (
Current USEF/NSHR committee Chairman Duane Esser (
2242 Polo Park Drive Dayton, OH 45439 
937.962.4336 OFFICE
contact nshr