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Question What is eligible to be a NSH?
Effective December 1, 2009

The ONLY requirement for NSHR eligibility is that all horses must contain al least 50% Arabian Blood New registration applications now available.  Just click on the Forms and Applications tab at the top of this home page.  Also, any breed of stallion can now be NSHR Lifetime Nominated .  Reduced registration fees are available for foals by Lifetime Nominated stallions and these stallions can enroll in the Stallion Row Jackpot Program.

Call the NSHR office at (937) 962-4336 if you have any questions.

Foals born in 2010 or before:  Any foal born in 2010 or before that has less than 50% Arabian blood and would have been eligible for registration as a National Show Horse as the rules existed at the time the foal was conceived, shall still be eligible for registration as a NSH

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